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Support LYRIC’s mission of youth empowerment

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A gap in the system

LYRIC’s mission to educate and empower youth would not be possible without the support of our donors and volunteers. Help us continue to educate young people in our community before they have any contact with the juvenile or criminal justice system.

Please show your support and help encourage young people to become active and knowledgeable citizens who feel comfortable exercising their rights.

Relevant Facts and Figures from the 2019 Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Community Law Enforcement Action Reporting Act.

The CLEAR act reported that in 2019 law enforcement made/issued over 209,000 arrests and summons.

Black and Hispanic youth make up 5% and 31% of the Colorado population yet out of the 7,476 Juvenile Case filings make up 17% and 36%.

This same study found that Black and Hispanic youth are more likely to be arrested and receive a sentence to prison rather than deferred judgement compared to their White counterparts.